We are full service dental office that offers treatment solutions from the simplest to most complex problems. Our services include, gum  issue health and maintenance, prevention, tooth colored fillings, naturally blended crowns, root canal therapy(in office), Bite and TMJ therapies, Removable dentures or implant retained removable and fixed dentures AND we provide all phases of Implant surgery AND limited Orthodontics. We’ve assembled a trusted network of professionals that we work with to bring you the best care available. Ourstaff is experienced and learns how to make you comfortable and relaxed. We are state licensed and trained in conscious sedation dentistry so there is always and answer to overcoming any fears from your past. We provide various cosmetic procedures including, orthodontics, bonding, porcelain veneers. Our labs are amazing!!! With photos, complex/customized shading, and awesome technology, dentistry is beautiful! We are here to help you, and Sarah, our insurance specialist and accounts manager, will make sure to protect your pocket book. If you have insurance, she has learned the rules of the game and we’ll help you best use your benefits. Please call us with questions!